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An affiliate of Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, we offer accredited degrees in Bible and ministry-related subjects through the evaluation of church service, life experience and previous college credits. Here, Christian education is cost-effective for students with jobs, ministries, and families, and who desire to “study to show themselves approved unto God,” by supporting their Pastor's vision as servant leaders and as an asset in their local churches.

Equip Academy 

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There was a time in our country when the Church was recognized for the educational responsibility that it shouldered. The Church was better able to manage the task of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry when schools were part of the local church.


Gradually, the stewardship of Christian education shifted to other, secular, organizations. With this shift, the local church lost much of its authority – both educational and spiritual – and the vitality of Christian education also begun to decline. 

We believe the Lord has given Equip Academy, as an affiliate of Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, the keys with which to unlock numerous “doors” for Christian learners, make deferred dreams come true, and assist the Church in recapturing the mantle of responsibility for the education of its members. 


Many Bible institutes and Bible schools across the nation have wonderful programs, but they cannot legally grant degrees. Since 1989, Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary has had the ability to network with such schools by accepting their graduates as degree candidates. In addition, multitudes of Christians have a great many credits from other, less formal, types of religious and spiritual training, but they have had few choices for obtaining a degree. Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary (CBCS) is in a position to evaluate their transcripts and resumes to assist them in obtaining a degree, if at all possible. 


Never should studying Scripture be financially unattainable. The concept of this vision is to “take Christian education off the top shelf and make it available for everyone.”


Equip Academy helps students obtain just that - A Bible education with a reduced cost to Christian education by an average of 75% or more. This is possible because Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary does not maintain a traditional college campus. Instead, the College establishes Schools of Ministry that enter into an affiliation agreement, thereby eliminating the need for numerous buildings and a large staff and faculty. 


Our program equips churches

with degree programs designed to train new workers to share in the pastor's God-given vision for ministry and fulfills the teaching of Ephesians 4:11. 

Our Office of External Studies assists those who wish to earn a degree, either online or through correspondence.  Under this system, students do not have to leave their jobs and uproot their families to attend a school far away from their home. Instead, they are able to study locally, continue their normal lives, and become greater assets to their local church. Ask about our

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Building Leaders

Equip Care Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)3 Organization founded to serve as a non-denominational Ministry leader.  Our U.S. Missions outreach services have formed and shaped successful Biblical initiatives both inside and outside the local church that enhance life and vitality in self-care, wellness, and sustainability.

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