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The Travel Log | Proverbs 3:5-6

My name is Ruth and I have the calling of an Evangelist. It is my dedicated service to God to spread His Good News to any and all who will listen. Talking with people is something I love to do and will do so at every chance given.

When it seems a little crazy and I’m not too sure what will happen next, listening to the prompts of Holy Spirit, even while driving, can lead to some fun and interesting people and there is always a purpose. That purpose will be revealed, and God will be honored. So, be brave, listen and take that last minute left turn.

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."

My day started off early as usual, conversing with God, morning devotions, cup of coffee in hand and deciding what to do for the day. I decided to be adventurous and go to a local wildlife preserve I’ve not been to before to check it out, do a little fishing and take some pictures. The wildlife preserve is a rather large area and I tend to get a little anxious when driving in unfamiliar territory, but I went anyway. I “needed” to find new fishing holes. I found my way there, got through the entrance of the preserve and went on my way down the winding narrow road. As I drove slowly, I was reading the small signs along the way telling which way to go, not to park here but park there, campgrounds that way, lakes this way and the warning signs of wildlife crossings, all the while being careful of the cyclists and runners along the road. After driving around, I finally found one of the lakes where I could take pictures, cast a line, and just relax, being deliberate to pause and listen to God’s creation all around me. It really is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and slow down for a little while. So, after no fish biting and pictures took, I started home, but God had other plans…

On my way out, I had this thought come to me to take the next left. I was ready to go home but took the turn anyway. So, as I turned, I was wondering where this road would lead to, and I drove, and I drove. This was a long windy road with several cyclists and lots of woods around, hiking trails, a place to ride horses, rustic camping sites and biking trails too. The more I drove, the more I thought, “Okay Holy Spirit, where are we going and why?” I kept going and after what seemed like this road would not end anytime soon, the road led to a small parking lot and a sign or two letting me know that I had reached the picnic and beach area. It was so quiet there with the exception of a few folks walking and talking quietly among themselves.

I walked the boardwalk and when it opened up to the lake with a small beach and picnic area… WOW, so beautiful! Only God could create such beauty, but I still wondered why Holy Spirit brought me here. Again, I took pictures of the scenery, relaxed and took in God’s beauty. I started back to my vehicle to head back home when the folks I saw earlier were making their way down the boardwalk to where I had just come from. I said hello to them, wanting to have a conversation with them, when the fellow in the wheelchair noticed that I had my veterans ballcap on. (I wear it pretty much all the time as an icebreaker to talk with people). Door opened! Thanks God!

Kevin, the fellow in the wheelchair and I got to talking about where I was stationed and which branch I was in etc (He was there with friends and family to go kayaking.) and I felt Holy Spirit leading me to tell my testimony. I explained the results of my car accident from long ago, all the surgeries and how God had worked many wonderful miracles in my life since, everything from being delivered from addiction to prescription medicines to the miracle of my migraines the day I was saved. I then asked Kevin if there was anything I could pray for, and he paused for a moment and told me that he needed wisdom and understanding of this season he was in. He briefly explained that he used to play rugby and that he was in a wheelchair as a result of it. I prayed for him with one of his friends joining in as well. When I was done, he in turn prayed for me. We said goodbye and parted ways. Now I understood why the last minute left turn from earlier that morning. It was a divine appointment orchestrated by God to pray for this fellow who needed wisdom and understanding for the season he was in.

I am so thankful that I was obedient to Holy Spirit, crazy as it sounded at the time to take that last minute left turn onto a long and windy road that just didn’t seem to end! Imagine if I had ignored that thought and just went on my way home instead. I would have missed the opportunity to talk with and pray for this fellow. When you feel Holy Spirit prompting you to do something that you may not normally do, be obedient, step out and do what He says. Take that left turn down that long windy seemingly endless road in the middle of the woods, He has great things at the end of the road, the blessings are not to be missed!!

Let us pray…

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