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Equip has a charge to provide Spiritual Care that enables vitality across the areas of influence specific to you. Our next generation vision for care delivers services locally to persons, corporations and community, meeting diverse need to key areas of impact.

 I love Equip Care Ministries! The need for self care in every area of life is higher than ever, especially now with so many unable to welcome people in person.

The resources and recommendations available here from Equip are well worth a look!   Ruth Strait, Retired & Disabled Veteran, Orlando Florida

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Diverse & Impactful CISM Care Services to the Point of Need

Equip Care Ministries is an extended ministry arm of Equip Services, Inc. delivering high-quality Spiritual Care, Chaplaincy services, and Critical Incident Stress Management Spiritual support to first responders.  Our holistic approach provides the Spiritual support to the soul & body equation.  Equip provides Spiritual Care resources, presence, and training resources with compassion.

Equip Care:
Spiritual Care
for First Responders

Our Care Core Values

Envisioning Hope for Endurance & Sustainability

The Equip Care team and members are effectively trained to provide high-quality, confidential support to those facing hardship as we help one gain their footing through many of life's storms.  Equip provides comprehensive Spiritual Care and development with a focus to meet individual need first, helping one build upon the right foundation for ongoing success, growth, encouragement and vitality.  We offer support to many who feel lost, abandoned, hopeless or overwhelmed by their current circumstance.  We share in their experiences and seek to help them discover how faith and spirituality can be a vital part in their healing process and life journey.

Tend to Spirit Soul & Body

during these challenging times.

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EQUIP Virtual CARE by Appointment

Empowerment in 1:1 Confidential Care

Tend to Spirit Soul & Body

during these challenging times.



EQUIP Care Groups Weekly

Ask about our Confidential Care Groups

No One Should Walk Alone

through the hardships of life.


John 17:23 Pastors' Support Worldwide

Dr. Loretta Iannicelli's ministry is vital to the Church of Jesus Christ. All too often pastors and Christ followers overwork themselves into burnout. Dr. Iannicelli's holistic approach to self-care has been a gift for the pastors involved in our John 17:23 pastoral support groups. Her love for God and her love for fellow pastors creates an environment of trust and authenticity that allows all those participating the opportunity to be self-reflective and honest about their spiritual, emotional, and physical health. As Global Group Development Director at 
Barnabas Ministries, Inc.,  I have personally worked with Dr. Iannicelli for the past 5 years and look forward to an ongoing partnership with her and Equip. Thank you Dr. Iannicelli for all that you do!

Rob Woods, Global Group Development Director, Barnabas Ministries, Inc.

Organizational Leadership Development through Personalized Self-Care Management

I have known Pastor Loretta and have partnered in Ministry with her for over 10 years. It is hard to find people who you can minister with through the good, bad, and ugly of Church ministry.  Pastor Loretta and Equip Care Ministries have been a vital part to the body of Christ and the Church. She and her teams are genuine caregivers that offer commitment to the well-being of others. With transparency, I have found that I as a Lead Pastor at times have some weak spots in my life and Pastor Loretta has helped me to discover and improve in those areas. It’s not about the task and what you can get out of people, but I have discovered that it is about people first and their well-being.  It’s all about community and care. We are better together at Judah City Church and Equip Care Ministries has played a part in making that happen.  Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” If God loves us, has a prepared plan for us, takes care of us…and died for us…then we must do our part to cooperate with Him. aka…Self Care!

Pastor Marc L. Minerella, Lead Pastor Judah City Church, Marlborough MA

Drop-In Weekly Community Support Groups

I found belonging and friendship that made a world of difference during a time of change. 

​Equip's concept of weekly and monthly drop in meetings provide a safe place

to land and share life’s journey with others who welcome.  

Confidential Attendee, Open House Social Participant 2018

Volunteer Training in Care & Companioning Services

For more than two years, I searched for a companion for an elderly resident in end-of-life stages. An Equip  volunteer was made readily available to journey with him through his end of life experience.

Director Gina, Secured Health Facility  

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Inquire about our Personalized Self-Care Plans 

"Self-Care for Turbulent Times"

Studies from the Barna Group and current trends faced today have proven that self-care is vitally important.  We can determine that we each have a call to self-care where we can operate in our roles and identity with a genuine sense of responsibility to self and others.  We can explore authentically our individual self-assessments of stress and fatigue as we identify areas within our Spirit, soul, and bodies whereby symptoms and indicators may exist

that may cause harm to our well-being.

We can promote effective uses of self-care tools that aid us to determine and explore relevant questions to life and the human condition.  We can agree that each of us may gain a better understanding to the definitions of Life Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and Empathy Fatigue as we apply appropriate interventions via a personalized self-care plan.

We can acknowledge a need for endurance, sustainability and resiliency in our personal journey and areas of influence.  Our Equip Care programs can help form and shape ways in which we can promote positive experiences as we respond to the world around us today.  It is true that there is a great need for resiliency as we face much complexity within today’s culture and especially during times of crisis.  Statistics and research have shown a great need for ongoing self-care as part of our lives if we are to remain effectual and responsible to self and others.

EQUIP CARE FREE OFFER: Biblical Self-Care Course as a present help during trying times.  FREE || Self Care College Course

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