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Equip Academy has a Call to inspire leaders of tomorrow.  Our next generation vision for advanced, higher Biblical Education equips those pursuing accredited degree programs. Whether studying via correspondence, at an in-class Distance Learning Center, or in a state-of-the-art online community, we can help.

 Equip Academy is all about equipping others to advance in their education for empowerment in effective leadership and care. From providing college-level courses to seminars and workshops to assisting local churches, local organizations, and first responses, Equip Academy is an effective and much needed present help.

 Kerry Fink, President, American Evangelistic Association

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Equipping Leaders for Next Generation Empowerment

Equip Academy is a ministry arm of Equip Services Inc. and is dedicated to the advancement of Biblical Education. We are affiliated with Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, Maryland USA as an affiliated Institute in the Boston area, We provide academic advising, admissions support, and supervision toward excelling in higher academics. Students may enroll in accredited degree programs in Bible and ministry-related subjects through the evaluation of church service, life experience and previous college credits. Here, our goal is for Christian education to remain accessible and cost-effective for students with jobs, ministries, and families who desire to “study to show themselves approved unto God” by supporting their Pastor's vision

as servant leaders as an asset to their local churches. 

The Equip Academy Bible Institute

Biblical Education & Supervision for Aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow

Equip Academy provides a school of ministry for aspiring leaders.  There was a time in our country when the Church was recognized for the educational responsibility that it shouldered. The Church was better able to manage the task of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry when schools were part of the local church. Gradually, the stewardship of Christian education shifted to other, secular, organizations. With this shift, the local church lost much of its authority – both educational and spiritual – and the vitality of Christian education also begun to decline. We believe the Lord has given Equip Academy, as an affiliate of Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, the keys with which to unlock numerous “doors” for Christian learners, make deferred dreams come true, and assist the Church in recapturing the mantle of responsibility for the education of its members. 


A Passion for Education and Kingdom Advancement

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with many different ministries, and in that time, I have come to notice that some of these ministries just excel above and beyond expectation. Equip with Dr. Loretta Iannicelli and her staff is one of these ministries. The gifting and anointing of God, along with the consistency and excellence of Christian servanthood is unequalled. Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary would not be where we are today, if it were not for the selfless sacrifice & labor of Equip. Dr. Loretta Ianncelli is responsible for the development and upgrading of the admissions department here with CBCS, over which she currently resides. Dr. Iannelli and her team at Equip Academy also play a major role in course revision & development for CBCS as well. 
         My personal endorsement of Equip Services comes without reservation. To say that Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary has benefited from Dr. Loretta Iannicelli and her team at Equip Academy would be an understatement. CBCS wants to thank you for all you do for the Body of Christ, and is honored to be partnered with you in laboring in preparation for the return of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dr. Ed Connatser / President | Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary | Greensboro, Maryland

Equipping the Local Church for In-House Distance Learning

Equip Academy helped us fulfill a dream of many years – to have a School of Ministry offered as part of our congregational and community services. On behalf of The Full Life Gospel Center and our membership, we are pleased to express our wholehearted thanks to Equip Academy for the assistance in launching our SEAM Bible Institute in Dorchester Massachusetts. We are appreciative for Equip’s passion, professionalism, and resourcefulness, and we look forward to continuing a strong and successful relationship

with Equip for many years to come.  
Bishop Glen T. Prospere, Ph.D. | The Full Life Gospel Center | SEAM Bible Institute

life Goals and Learning through Accredited Degree Program

Equip Academy successfully launched me into my lifelong dreams of completing a degree program.

I consider Equip to live up to its true and authentic definition of its name: to readily prepare and care

for others by providing an on-ramp to effective care, growth, and resources.

Through Equip, I have been propelled to achieve my life goals as I drew closer to God, self and others. 

Ruth Strait, CBCS Master Degree Recipient

Mentored Ministry, Academic Supervision & Coaching

Equip Academy has been instrumental in lifting the call of God in my ministry as we have partnered together in pursuit of my advancement to the cause for Christ. Dr. Iannicelli has played a vital role in my ministry empowerment through the direct training and supervision acquired through her Ministry Mentorship.

Previously, I had no credentials of higher learning but she had challenged me and I finally took the step toward enrollment into the Masters Degree Program. She and others have empowered many people - mostly Pastors - with relevant tools and skills in academic advancement toward ministry.

May the Almighty God bless you as you move on with this noble calling. 
Bishop Martin Kathurima Muchena (1962 - 2021)
Senior Pastor Christ Worship Center International | Gaithersburg Maryland 

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Dr. Loretta Iannicelli

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