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THE TRAVEL LOG | The God of Healing & Restoration

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

February 2022 || Enjoy the real life, day-to-day travels in the life of Equip Evangelist, Rev. Ruth Strait

Some say they are hesitant to share the Word of God with strangers. But stepping out of my comfort zone by speaking to people I don’t know comes naturally to me. My name is Ruth Strait, and I have the Calling of an Evangelist as I have dedicated my life to sharing the Good News with others as God leads.

Many times, my day starts as normally as any other. However, at the start of my day, I ask God to lead me to others that need to know His love, goodness, and encouragement. With a heart to help and encourage others . . . I now share my evangelistic memoirs with you and others in hope that God’s boldness will swell up within you also and fan the flame of evangelism within you as part of your journey daily. May God bless you as you extend your heartfelt interest, care, and conversations with others about the goodness of God.

TRAVEL LOG: He is a God of Healing and Restoration Psalm 30:2 "O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me."

My day started basically with the usual routines. Awake, pray, meditate, listen. Nothing special planned. While travelling we all know that airport travel restrictions prohibit us from packing all the quantities of everything we would like to bring and take with us in our planning when visiting another state for an extended period of time. Travelling more as of late, on this journey, I planned to be out of town for more than three months. Not able to pack all I would for an extended stay, I reserved the goal to buying all I needed once I arrived at my destination. On this day, a friend suggested we do some shopping while heading out to accomplish some of her usual errands. I agreed.

My friend and I started out on our errands, heading to a local big box store. It was rainy, cold and dreary. While browsing for one of my missing necessities, I came into contact with a woman named “Lynn.” She was tall, slow moving and rather disheveled. She appeared to be in much pain and heavily laden on drugs. I sensed she was having a very difficult time maneuvering around and focusing. The Spirit of God led me to notice her as she wobbled about looking for items. We exchanged a simple smile at first, yet true to my southern way, I engaged Lynn further past the casual smile to saying hello as I asked, “How are you doing today?” Lynn immediately made the comment that she had undergone a recent back surgery and was in great pain. She mentioned that she had tried various ways to alleviate her pain, but to no avail. It was at this moment here that I found a common ground point of convergence to share my experience with her in how God healed me as I personally also had undergone multiple back surgeries as a result of an accident while serving in the Army that left me 100% disabled. They said I’d never walk and would have to use a wheelchair. They said I’d never be the same. I knew her pain. I tangibly felt her frustration, bringing back to my remembrance my former hardship. I knew what it felt like to live each and every day of my life in hope for healing. This opened the door to shine my light of hope and encouragement to her as I spoke to her of all that God had done for me.

As part of my testimony, I told her that when she felt as if there was nothing else to live for and there was seemingly no way of getting better, she need not lose hope. I shared with her when I felt like nothing was working, no medicine, no physical therapy, no matter what kind of treatment it was that the doctors tried next, that I found comfort in knowing there was a God who promised healing and restoration. I asked her if she knew God – the only great Physician who can bring care and healing into her life. She said that she knew about God. I told her that God did indeed heal, and He had given me renewed hope and that same hope was for her too. I explained to her also that as difficult as it was in the suffering and enduring of the pain, trusting God, having faith, reading His Word and not giving up hope for healing and praying every single day was what got me through daily. I reiterated to her that God is our Healer and our Hope, and she can have the same for herself. I felt the sense that this was more than a random errand, but more a strategic appointment by the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes along the way as we trudge through the normal routines of life, we can realize that there is space for kind encounters. By being willing to take the time to listen and relate to others, God uses us to bring hope and inspiration past ourselves. What started off to be a short sale of an item needed, quickly turned into a time of caring and praying for another as I told her of the God I knew and how good He had been to me. Not only did this present opportunity for me to encourage another and share my love of God, I was moved to remembrance once again of all God had done for me. As I stood there, I looked back over the last 33 years of being in such terrible pain, and yet with a supernatural sense of joy, I was filled with gratitude to tell another of God’s power for healing. Today, my pain is manageable, my heart is filled with joy, my path secured in the belief that there is a God who heals, cares, and meets us at our place of need, when we least expect. Lynn was encouraged this day. She thanked me for taking the time to stop, pray and spend time with her, and it is my sense she took one step closer to knowing the God I know.

Many times, when God leads me across the path of others, I have no idea how they’ll react or respond to me, but I trust in His leading and invite it. Sometimes, as I go about my daily travels to and from, it can be quite nerve-wracking at times when the opportunity presents itself, to have to stop, take the focus off me, adjust my timelines to give another the gift of presence with them. As an evangelist, it is something I am called to do and wherever go, I invite the Holy Spirit’s promptings to guide me along my daily steps and encounters of life. No matter where I might go, I am believing that there is always God moment that may await . . . maybe someone to talk to . . . or someone to aid. You too can be BOLD! Step out and spark up a conversation by first, being aware of who is around you; Second, take time to say hello and inquire how one is doing; Lastly seek to find the sacred space and common ground that can pave a way to sharing the wondrous and amazing God we love and know.

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