Equip has a mandate of excellence

for the commitment & care of others.

We redefine Spiritual Care ... in the community ... in the college ...  in the church and ... most importantly, in caring.

 It is rare that one finds a vision and passion so out-of-the-box to the way society and culture expect ministry to be. Equip’s leaders have tenacity to care that meet many at their point of need.   

Major Kathi Longcoy, Salvation Army, Stratford Connecticut

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PHASE 4 UPDATE: We are following Massachusetts DPH guidelines. We will resume in-person services beginning May 30, 2021 across all areas of care through Phase 4. Please join us for Sunday Services weekly meeting at 10:30 a.m. at the City Church location at 72 Jefferson Street, Marlborough MA 01752

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A Distinct Next Generation Identity

Equip Services Inc. is a U.S. Missions religious non-profit organization that offers Spiritual Care to those we serve. We realize that our strength and excellence lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Equip was founded to walk with and alongside those facing need, and to empower others to do the same.  We believe that there is value, purpose, potential, and dignity in compassionately loving, serving, and caring for the needs of others.  Our vision challenges the status quo with out-of-the-box and creative collaborations toward transformational life change holistically in Spirit | soul | body. Since founding, Equip has offered unique and creative programs that empower resiliency to those we lead and serve. While today, many are realizing that the old ways of doing things may be gone, Equip has held a long-standing vision and seasoned experience for a next generation implementation of our programs and services. 

Since founding, Equip has fostered a legacy vision across five areas of impact which include

Organizational Leadership | Spiritual Care | Education | Community Care | and Crisis Interventions

Our programs engage, shape, and form a culture of practical care to the point of need.



Bringing Transformational Care

Equip Services Inc. holds a vision that is more than a big idea!  We promote a lifestyle of worship through Spiritual Care (showing God's love), Significance (Discovering Purpose), and Belonging (a Compassion for all). Equip teaches, trains, supervises, proclaims, and empowers as we navigate the journey of life together. Our services host an unshakable commitment to providing life-giving, innovative, and strategic programs. We engage relationally with relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions that build vitality over time. We are called to serve people of all ages, cultures, and persuasions as we engage locally, regionally and nationally as an empowered U.S. Missions organization. While our mission is simple - to care - our goal is to meet the basic need of others through love, hope, and wellbeing which are the staples of everyday life.

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Empowerment in the Word of God

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A Collaboration of Care Services to the point of need.


Community Crisis Interventions & Peer Support

Our first responders’ self-care by team is very important to providing crisis intervention. Equip’s Chaplain had an uncanny ability to sense exactly what was needed, when it was needed. Whether an individual experiencing a crisis of faith or one simply needing a ministry of presence, their Chaplain was well suited for every task. 

Fire Lieutenant Charles Popp, Boston Fire | Metro Fire CISM Peer Support Team Coordinator

Community Services in the Clinical Healthcare Setting

For more than two years, I searched for a volunteer – anyone who could relationally  journey with a resident in end-of-life stages. His favorite past time – cribbage.  An Equip companion was made readily available to journey with him in lovingkindness through his end of life experience. 

Gina Zecco, Director of Social Work, The Coleman House Northborough Massachusetts 

Organizational Enrichment via Conferences & Seminars

The Equip Team is passionate across their areas of expertise and brought advanced-level conference training that enriched and motivated my leadership teams. Their trained educators and support teams are readily available to enhance and empower.  I highly recommend this vision, mission, and their commitment to the training others to serve those in need. 

Gerry Fernandez, Conference Coordinator, Onset Massachusetts


Leadership Development & Referral Networks

As a retired nurse and healthcare professional of 45 years, my purpose and value continues.  Equip’s care & companion training matches unmet circumstance with viable volunteer placements bridging service opportunities direct to the point of need.   

Marie Parma, Retired Nurse & Visitation Companion

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Engage in Empowering Leadership Conferences

"Emotional Intelligence and Self-Care for Leaders"

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence introduces how teams and leaders can have the capacity to greatly impact one’s progress for ongoing growth and development. Areas of impact include self-awareness, empathy, motivation, self-regulation, and social skills.  This sesson will empower one with the ability to understand, recognize, and identify emotions in self and others that can  increase awareness toward positive behaviors and outcomes across many areas of our relationships.

Self-Care for Leaders

There is an obligation amidst today's culture and turbulent times to have the ability to take care of oneself to ensure one's ability to care for others.  Learn how leaders can effectively impact change despite trends which otherwise might hinder progress.  Objectives covered include how leaders can lay aside every weight that hinders; Engage in self-assessments for risk to burnout; Identify Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue; Practice ways to implement awareness & prevention.

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