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Saying #2 of Jesus on the Cross: Luke 23:43. “Today shalt thou be with Me in Paradise.”

Updated: May 16, 2022


These are His words to the good thief hanging beside Him. The unrepented thief hanging on the other side does not share this reward. The good thief recognizes his own fault and his deserved punishment, but he proclaims the innocence of Jesus, who has done nothing to deserve the death by crucifixion. Jesus is recognized as Lord by this good thief as he speaks to Jesus. The request he makes of Jesus is to be remembered when Jesus comes into His kingdom. In this statement, his faith that Jesus is King is spoken, and Jesus replies with the assurance that he is saved.

When Jesus tells the thief that he is to be with Him in Paradise, we can observe that Jesus is taking His Kingly authority. He has the authority over all flesh that the Father has given Him. His mission is to save the sinner, and before our eyes, He does just that. He brings His faithful into Paradise with Him.

Here we see the effects of the Saving Grace He has won there on the Cross by His Death and Resurrection. Jesus has come to save the sinner. From this we can have assurance that as we repent and accept Jesus as Lord, we too will be with Him in Paradise. I believe this interaction between Jesus and the good thief is given so we will know that it is never too late to repent and accept Jesus as Lord. Our salvation is assured by His Redemptive Work, and through Him, all who accept and have faith will be saved.

This daily Equip Devotional has been provided by Rev. Marie Parma as we take time this Holy season in anticipation of the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.

Let us pray…

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