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Travel Log || 90 Seconds & The Million Dollar Question || John 3:16

Enjoy the real life, day-to-day travels in the life of Equip Evangelist, Rev. Ruth Strait

90 Seconds and a Million-Dollar Question || John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

Going to a big box store to take care of mailing and packaging needs is a trip that many would probably agree is not the most exciting trip to make. There’s lots of folks hurriedly walking in and out, dropping letters off to be mailed and then there is the line to take care of their packaging needs. It can be a place of hurry up and wait for the next customer to get what they need done, but it also can be a place of unexpected surprises.

This particular day really was no different. There were many scurrying in and out and lots of others waiting in a seemingly endless line. I had to make a simple purchase and I figured once at the register I should pay and quickly be on my way. Once I finally got to the clerk, I told him, Rafael by his nametag, what I needed. (Keep in mind that this whole transaction takes place in 90 seconds, literally, yes, that quick!) While he was ringing me up, I noticed a peculiar monetary bill affixed to his computer base. It was brightly colored, hard to miss, and it didn't look like any form of currency that I've ever seen before. So, I asked Rafael about it, and he proceeded to show it to me, where behold, it was a Gospel trac! As he passed the track to me he asked me, “Do you know where you will go when you die? Do you know Jesus?” Well now! It seems that this evangelizer just got evangelized! He was using it as an “ice breaker” for sharing the Gospel. In that very brief 90 seconds, Rafael was doing what he could to spread the Good News of Jesus. He had put this brightly colored “bill” purposely and specifically in a place where not only he could see it, but more importantly, where customers would not miss it and perhaps ask what it was. What a strategic and effective way to open the door to a conversation with others about Jesus. How clever is that! I also found interesting that Rafael didn’t use too many words to make his message clear about God’s love for us and his love for Jesus. Both of his approaches resonated with my approach to evangelism as well.

Likewise, when I am getting ready to go out for my day, I too purposely and strategically select what clothes to wear. Most of the time I find myself wearing one of my favorite Scripture t-shirts along with my veteran ballcap. I choose to wear these as both capture the attention of many, serve as a great ice breaker, and many times ultimately lead to engaging conversations. Does that happen all the time? No, but I do make sure that God is in the conversation every single time. So I ask you, when was the last time you posed the question to someone, “Do you know Jesus?” This is the million dollar question that could transform their lives as they know it and ultimately altar their eternity forever.

I believe people need to know that they are loved by God. We don’t know what kind of life folks have had. We don’t know the battles and trials they are facing. So, I make it a primary point to factor in advance some additional time into my schedule that would allow for space to engage others in deeper and more meaningful conversations as opportunities arise. Over time, I have found that so many are in need of hope. Amidst today’s challenges, I find that so many are receptive to receiving prayer and hearing that they are truly loved by Our Heavenly Father. Such amazing love that God the Father would send His One and Only Son to secure our redemption. So, the next time the opportunity comes to share your love of God with others, be ready to make the most of your day as you share boldly the Gospel message of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

My name is Ruth and have the calling of an Evangelist. It is my dedicated service to God to spread His Good News to any and all who will listen. Talking with people is something I love to do and will do so at every chance given.

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A very special thanks to Rev. Ruth Strait for her authorship of these devotional materials on behalf of Equip Church.

We are happy to provide permission to copy and distribute for ongoing reflection and teaching as needed.

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